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Ocean Breeze

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Maritime and soothing fragrance that will immerse you in the relaxing atmosphere of coastal waters. Allow yourself a deserved relaxation: cleanse your mind and align your energies with this bewitching fragrance.

Notes of this fragrance: sea salt, citrus zest, turquoise water, driftwood, melon.


8oz (226g) size. Approximate burn time of 50 hours.

Handmade in Quebec with 100% natural and Canadian soy wax. All our products come from local & eco-responsible sources.

The planting, harvesting and processing of soybeans are 100% vegan processes. The wax is soluble in hot water and is 100% biodegradable.

The glass container is reusable


Disclaimer: Our candles are made with natural soy wax. We use no additives, which means your candle may change color depending on exposure to light. Depending on the ambient temperature, it may also change in look or texture. This does not affect the performance of our product in any way.

Since soybeans are a living plant resource, they continue to expand, contract and change their current shape depending on a variety of conditions. It may also appear frosty. These "defects" are normal and are clear indications that you have purchased a 100% natural soy candle.

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